1. PassingThought

    Emotions are real but they are not a person’s reality. We fight against our emotions don’t we? I really don’t want to be some of the emotions I feel.. I have become increasingly paranoid of the notion that people can read my most vulnerable emotion, and this has caused me to needlessly front. I can’t anymore… So maybe I should burn bridges and start over ….


  2. Passing Thought

    I remember looking down and my feet were inadvertently ashy 😳 but i thought- who cares? Its a unique feeling… When a man loves you, it will never be about being the prettiest or the thickest or the most whatever … And if it is- it is not real. You’re pretty, but you’re not real.


  3. Passing Thought

    Struggling with making decisions… I learned a while a go that sometimes, the only wrong decision is the failure to make one and move on…


  4. PassingThought

    Trying to be a real girl in a Barbie world is starting to get to me…. All I need is that undoubted love… I want to feel that my innermost is loved, not my eyebrows, hips, and hair.


  5. PassingThought

    It’s a struggle to be myself when I know I’m being watched…


  7. Take me back to this day please


  9. O word?


  11. Since most of my recent posts allude to my current struggle, I figured I would post my favorite little elephant.


  12. PassingThought

    Actually, a reoccurring thought:

    Being needed by people who fail to be there when I have needed and when I need… I’ve been praying for help to let go of the resentment… Because i desperately need peace


  14. It’s Time

    I said: “I’m not apologizing anymore.” Not for my feelings. Im not playing victim. However, I have some serious issues from occurrences long ago… Sad that the pain is just as fresh… But more potent because it’s layered.

    I’ve been crawling on my knees to find acceptance and normalcy. Its time to break free from my same ole self-destructive coping mechanisms and free myself.

    May I be blessed with inner peace


  15. PassingThought

    I don’t remember who it was, but he came up to me and thoughtlessly said: “you look like you lost your best friend.”

    I had.

    I don’t even remember the person, but I remember that crushing pain.